SCRIW is celebrating 10 years of inspiration…in 2021


FIRST is making great efforts to keep teams safe and make the 2021 season as sustainable as possible.  On May 13, they announced one of the unprecedented methods of doing so: replaying INFINITE RECHARGE with “adjustments to the game”.  FIRST also shared in the same announcement that they are not allowing any off-season events to use their fields this year.  After evaluating all the options, our planning committee has agreed that SCRIW X must be postponed to 2021.

The SCRIW Planning Committee is working to put on an event to bring the community together this fall, pending clearance from the schools.  (SCRIW IX-and-a-half, if you will.)  The working idea is an event with small robots derived from the FRC parts ecosystem, so they’ll be cheap and rewarding to build and easy to recycle back into the big robots later.

Details will come once we know more about what we’ll be allowed to host, but we are targeting these four dates: October 17 (our original date for SCRIW X), November 14, December 5, and January 8 (the Friday before the 2021 Kickoff).

Many traveling performers part company with “I’ll see you down the road”, since it’s rarely certain when they’ll cross paths next.  Both FIRST and SCRIW are in it for the long haul, and we’ll see you down the road.


Matt Hedden, Billfred Leverette, Elizabeth Link, and Sumter Link
SCRIW Planning Committee